All Players, Parents, Guardians, Spectators, and Coaches:
Please Read the NWBSA Rules for All Games for the 2021 Season

Northwest Bergen Soccer Association

About Us


NWBSA is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to the support and encouragement of a rich recreational experience for the youth and parents of the twenty communities it serves. As such, NWBSA is mandated to assure adequate knowledge of the rules of safe and fair play; to conduct annual referee certification and review courses; to maintain and administer its Rules and Regulations of the Game; to supervise membership registration; and to produce a fair and balanced schedule of ten to eleven games each season. Members of the NWBSA Board and local community representatives meet nine times a year for this purpose. We encourage parents of the players to continue to support the program by signing up to coach, referee, assist, or otherwise participate--either at the local community or at the League Board level.

In our continuing effort to make your experience as positive, efficient and informative as possible, we offer this web site, and encourage you to inform all members and parents of the NWBSA community to view and use its resources.

From the Board Members of NWBSA