Northwest Bergen Soccer Association

Welcome Coaches


                                                                                January 1, 2021

Dear Coach,

Another NWBSA soccer season.  Welcome to the 2021 NWBSA soccer season!  I wish you and your family a wonderful summer and that you are having a great time.   

This is the time when I get a chance to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your efforts, your unselfishness, and your dedication. But before I do this, let me renew my request  -  something that is dear to my heart.  Do not raise your voice with anyone at the game or during training. Remember, you are the most important person OFF THE FIELD.  Players emulate your behavior.  I cannot but stress this enough.   Remind yourself over and over:  It is just a game.  It is supposed to be just a game.  Never loose sight of it:  It is supposed to be a sport where the players measure their skills – skills, nothing else.  Raising one’s voice is not a skill, heckling is not a skill, pushing is not a skill. Remember the players are still children, children YOU are entrusted with.  We are ALL working together to improve the skills of these children.

I appreciate the time you are sacrificing. Your gift will enable all young people in our area who want to play soccer to do so.  From the bottom of my heart: Thank you!   

Your goals and NWBSA’s goals must remain the same.  Look at the contract you signed.

Remember the basics:

  • Soccer is a sport!
  • Soccer is played according to specific rules!
  • Soccer is a social event!
  • Soccer is a form of exercise!
  • Soccer is a competition of skills, skills alone!
  • Soccer is a form of entertainment!
  • Entertainment is supposed to be fun!

Enjoy your time coaching, enjoy the time you spend with your players, enjoy your players having fun, enjoy your players improving their skills, enjoy your players’ success, it is after all it is your success as well.  There is always success, winning is not necessarily success. Not winning offers opportunities to improve, opportunities to grow, and opportunities to mature.  Whatever you do “have fun!”  Enjoy a wonderful summer with all this time of the year has to offer. 

Wishing you a great season!
Bob Cudequest