Northwest Bergen Soccer Association

NWBSA Rules for All Games for the 2020 Season

For Coaches  

  1. Coaches must print out a roster and bring to each game. Coaches will be required to verify with Players’ Parents/Guardians that they have answered the Covid-19 exposure questions.
  2. Coaches must do a temperature check of all Players and Coaches of their team. If the temperature is 100.3 or lower, they may coach/play. If the temperature is 100.4 or higher the Coach/Player must leave the field as soon as possible and can’t return to Coach/Play that day.
  3. Coaches must supply a Signed Roster verifying that both the Covid-19 questions and temperature checks have been done for all Players and Coaches present at the Game to the Referee.
  4. Coaches must wear a mask at all times once they arrive at the field.
  5. There will be no coin flip. The Away Team will get possession of the ball for Kickoff to start the game and the Home Team will choose which Goal they want to defend. The teams will switch those roles at the start of the second half of play.
  6. Coaches are responsible for monitoring that their Players maintain social distancing and wear their masks when not on the field of play.
  7. Coaches must provide hand sanitizer and ensure that their Players use it when coming on or leaving the Field of Play during substitution.
  8. Coaches must provide at least two (preferably three) Game balls to the Referee.
  9. Coaches must continue to wear a mask when entering the Field of Play to tend to an injured Player

For Players

  1. Players must wear their masks when coming to the Field of Play until their Coach has had a chance to take their temperature. Once that is done, they may remove their masks to warm up. Players must wear their masks and maintain social distancing when on the sidelines and not in the game. No players benches on sidelines.
  2. Players must sanitize their hands every time they enter or leave the field of play via substitution. Coaches will provide them with hand sanitizer but are encouraged to have their own supply available. When they leave the field they are expected to, once they sanitize their hands, to get a refreshment and take a moment to recover and then mask up once recovered.
  3. Players should not celebrate with fist bumps, handshakes, etc., either after scoring or after the game in the interest of social distancing.

For Parents / Guardians / Spectators

  1. They must maintain social distancing and wear masks once they arrive at the Field of Play. Mask exceptions apply for children under the age of two or for persons who can’t wear a mask due to medical reasons. If they can’t wear a mask for those reasons, they must maintain a social distance away from all other spectators. There will be designated areas at all fields showing where a spectator without a mask may watch from.
  2. The Home Club will have a social distance coordinator responsible for making sure that people adhere to the masking and social distancing requirements. The Away club may also present someone in that role but both persons must identify themselves to the coaches so everyone is aware of who they are.
  3. If the Ball leaves the Field of Play during the Game, Spectators are asked to NOT pick up / retrieve the Ball. Let the Players retrieve it.
  4. They must be at least six feet from the Touch Lines or Assistant Referees at all times to maintain Social Distancing from all Players and Referees.
  5. The Home Team and the Away Teams spectators will occupy separate halves of the sideline.